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What is SEO and SEM?

SEO is a vast subject and SEO meaning explanations are often obscure too. Before trying to know about ways to do SEO, one should understand what is SEO? SEM is another technique which is in vogue and cannot be avoided in this era of increased competition.

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method of optimizing a website in order to generating   more traffic and thereby aiming at boosting sales. SEO focuses on ways to bring the website in top results of search engine pages for target words which a website’s users may type in the search engine.

A website which is SEO optimized, can be comprehended well and visited more easily by a user, thereby helping its search engine ranking. It is important to note that SEO practices followed are white hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO doesn’t quite follow SEO regulations. With the help of black hat SEO techniques webmasters try boosting search engine listing instead of actual human searches, but this is not effective in the long run. There are many potential dangers that could hurt a business by using excessive black hat SEO. Some of the widely used search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo always try to track such tricks by various web pages. This happens because they too would like to help their users in getting useful searches.

There are ways to feature a website on search engines list by doing all in one SEO. You can read a famous SEO book to grow your business through correct SEO techniques. One should also keep in mind the practicality an SEO books and choose the one that is latest.

SEO is a field which needs you to be abreast of information and regular algorithm changes being made by search engines from time to time. There are a number of websites that provide updates and SEO news, apart from success stories and tips on how businesses can help themselves win with SEO. Being updated with SEO news timely can help in result oriented SEO strategy implementation.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an advanced version of SEO. However, considering it different from SEO, it is a part of the bigger picture of web marketing. A marketing process is followed to achieve the target of making a brand, website or business more visible and having better followers to eventually have more visits to the website or increase business. SEM results could be known on search engines list. There are various free and paid small SEO tools available to use the method. These small SEO tools should be used effectively.


SEO and SEM are very effective methods to boost online sales for a business. Instead of making a SEO vs SEM comparison, the combined use could prove very beneficial.  Here are some of the points that SEO and SEM cover.

1.)    SEO and SEM precisely differ in many aspects. SEO is a type of marketing where you optimize your website’s content with the help of keywords. While in SEM marketing, you work on gathering traffic to your website by paid means.

2.)     SEO meaning is that you strive to use correct set of keywords that suit the type of product or service that your website offers to drive traffic in an organic way. While SEM is a method of online marketing where you invest your money on related keywords.

3.)    SEO is an easy, cheap yet effective way of internet marketing. SEM is a kind of paid marketing.

4.)    All in one SEO can be availed to get premium benefits. While for SEM, this could prove quite expensive.

SEO and SEM both can be used to bring a company’s website among the top search results.

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