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Top SEO Tools: 6 Practical Steps to Build a Top-Selling Landing Page

Building a top-selling landing page is important and crucial. There are 3 principal types of landing pages and each serves its own purpose.

6 Practical Steps for Building a Top-Selling Landing Page with the Help of Top SEO Tools:

These steps comprise the use of the top SEO tools and the best SEO software.

STEP 1: Let us imagine that one owns a huge departmental store. Firstly, the store can be segmented into different departments like home supplies, produce, boxed good, canned goods, etc. This is essential as people visiting a supermarket prefer to straightway go to a particular department due to their specific shopping requirements. This is exactly how a website should be developed. The home page needs to be the showcase of the website. The landing pages should serve as specific departments, describing the solutions and product features, thus attracting the targeted traffic generated from particular search queries. If the search intent of a visitor has a transactional nature, (E.g. If he aims to purchase a particular item over the internet), it is not desirable to send him to a cluttered home page. Instead, he should be sent to the product description page that contains pricing details and clear-cut call-to-action that would achieve conversions.

STEP 2: The principal objective of optimizing landing pages is to filter and capture the targeted visitor traffic with the help of effective SEO tools and SEO software. The aim is to turn the visitor traffic into pre-qualified leads and ready-to-buy customers with the use of the best SEO tools and some top SEO software. However, messages and the manner of attracting traffic with the assistance of landing pages are quite different. E.g., if one has a website totally dedicated to online marketing solutions, he can develop a particular internal website page that would thoroughly cover the solutions he provides, be it email marketing, social media marketing, or SEO. Such internal website landing pages, when optimized properly with the help of the best SEO tools, will get displayed in the organic search results.

STEP 3: Those launching a PPC campaign via social media ads, email marketing, or Google Adwords with the goal of providing an effective sales pitch can make a PPC landing page with a sales-dedicated copy containing a clear call-to-action and offer.

STEP 4: Those launching a viral campaign via social media or a blog post or a free content giveaway campaign with the objective of lead generation should have a landing page containing a rich copy with helpful and unique content and link incentives for visitors to contact via inquiry forms or share contact information. This step is the lead capture step with the help of a landing page known as a lead capture page.

STEP 5: This step involves a thorough and extensive keyword research. This can be done after we compare SEO tools and find the top 5 SEO tools.

STEP 6: The keyword research should match the intent of the searcher with the topics of the landing pages. Whatever be the type of landing page one selects, the first and foremost thing one needs to do is to find SEO-friendly and user-matched keywords.

The landing page should always convey high value.

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