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Social Bookmarking – Advantages and Disadvantages


Social Bookmarking in SEO

Managing your business website requires precise techniques and strategies. With an aim to promote prospects, you need to increase your exposure and improve your web traffic. Social bookmarking submission is one way to maximize visitors to your site. Social bookmarking submission is a process with which online visitors save their most visited to favorite web pages over the Internet through social bookmarking sites. For example, if a user discovers a helpful site, he can immediately save it on a social bookmarking site and access it later. If you are also considering social bookmarking submission for your business website, then first of all you need to analyze the strategy’s advantages and disadvantages. Only then, you will be able to make a wise, well-informed decision. Top SEO ToolsTop Email Marketing Tools
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Advantages of social bookmarking submission

If you are new to online business, then you must not be aware of the benefits of social bookmarking submissions. This is a kind of social media promotion, which is so feature-rich that you cannot afford to miss it. One of the finest things about social bookmarking submission is your site’s availability. By submitting your site to a social bookmarking site, your site will no longer be restricted to a single computer. Your users will be able to scan your website at any place and time, provided that they have accessibility to the Internet. In this way, they will be able to share your web pages, news, videos, images, articles etc. with their family members, colleagues and friends. This kind of exposure will definitely lead to an increase in your web traffic. Once you gain confidence from your prior visitors, they will surely follow the social bookmarking sites recommended by you, thus leading to substantial generation of traffic. In addition to all this, social bookmarking submissions generally result in quality inbound links to your website. With all this, you will definitely be able to gain a high search engine ranking, and maximize profit.

Disadvantages of social bookmarking submission

It is a fact that no procedure or technique is proven ideal yet, and social bookmarking submission also entails a few downsides. First of all, this Internet marketing strategy does not properly manage tag structures. With growing demands for social bookmarking submissions, millions of individuals may utilize its profits, and it may somehow affect your website. Many individuals submit low quality stuff on sites and create backlinks to them with an aim to increase their traffic. But such links do not add any value to the readers, and ultimately end up being wasted.

Now that you have analyzed both advantages and disadvantages of social bookmarking submission, you can comprehend its consequences, and make an informed decision wisely. Augment visitors and generating income through social bookmarking submission is really simple and quick. So, give some time to create a good promotion strategy for your site, and find out how this strategy can successfully add up to the success of your e-commerce business. So, wait no longer, and start social bookmarking submissions to maximize your gains.



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