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SEO PowerSuite – A Feature Rich Tool to Make Your Optimization More Efficient


SEO PowerSuite – An SEO Tool to Make Your Optimization More Efficient

Search engine optimization is based on few simple and logical principles. However, for a website owner who is not technically savvy, SEO can be a mind bogglingly difficult task. There are a number of tools for all kinds of platforms that will assist you with performing the routine SEO tasks. SEO PowerSuite is one such tool, but as it was found it has quite a few unique features that make it better than other similar tools.


In general, SEO tools help you with keywords and finding links to your website from other websites on the internet. SEO PowerSuite goes further and gives you a set of full-fledged tools such as:

  • Rank Tracker: This helps you find out the ranking for various keywords that are relevant to your website. It also gives you regular report of keyword trending, so you can update your website accordingly.
  • Website Auditor: This tool scans your website and gives you reports about the websites structure and content strategy. It generates accurate XML sitemaps for your website. It then also suggests appropriate improvements to your website, so you can better comply with SEO guidelines published by Google.
  • SEO Spy Glass: This tool helps you keep track of your competitors’ backlinks by the millions, so you can devise an appropriate link building strategy of your own. This is essential if you want to keep ahead of the competition and consistently rank higher on Google and other big search engines.
  • Link Assistant: This tool is one of the most sophisticated link building tools among all the SEO softwares you can buy. It helps you build link directories, keep count of your organic links and export your list to an easily readable format.



The SEO PowerSuite has two versions:

  1. Professional: $299 (down from $499)
  2. Enterprise: $699 (down from $1199)

For this price, this suite of SEO functionalities is ridiculously feature-rich and powerful. Unless you are a multi-billion dollar business, this is all the help you need from an SEO standpoint. The single tool gives you all the facilities to help you reach the top 10 results on Google search results.

Of course, the quality of your website and your content strategy will also influence the results. The PowerSuite however removes all obstacles for non-technical website owners who want an easy to use tool that they can easily understand.


About the only problem we can think of with the PowerSuite is that there is no cheaper version between the free version and the professional version at $299. An in between product would have been nice for owners of smaller eCommerce websites.

Overall, we would heartily recommend the SEO PowerSuite for all kinds of website owners. If you have a basic blog or are just launching a new website, the free version is perfectly good. You can evaluate the features and get to know the tool better. Once you have a decent hang of it, you can invest in the professional or enterprise version.



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