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SEO is dead… Now What?

Well, it’s obvious that SEO is dead. So, what’s the next step to rank your sites on top?

What actually happened to SEO?

As far as the SEO was concerned, there were only two factors contributing to the process of getting the top ranks: on-page factors and off-page factors.

On-page factors had elements of your website and its pages. So when search engines indexed your web page, they actually understood what the page was all about. As their intention is to show the searcher the sites that are most relevant to the term they searched, these on-page factors of the SEO helped the search engines index your site properly. However, the off page factors were even more important in the process. It was clearly understood that the most significant element in deciding whose site was ranked higher was the quality and quantity of the other sites that were linked to your website.

However, Google as well as other popular search engines wanted something different. They looked for a quality user experience for those searching for information using their search engine. They wanted to bring the best sites on the top; not the ones that had identified ways to manipulate the system and play games.

As Google took firm measures to bring only the best sites on the top positions, towards the end of 2012, the game of building links to manipulate search results came to an end.

Now, what is the solution?

SEO is dead. But the web is very much alive. And so is internet marketing. It is possible to get new customers from effective online marketing strategies. If you build a great site that offers an excellent experience for the visitors, Google wants users to see it. Of course, if you create amazing content that will entertain and hold the visitors, search engines will certainly help people find it. However, you should now play the game differently. Stop thinking of manipulations like creating links and start thinking about how to create a quality experience for those looking for information about what you offer.

Normally, people use the internet looking for information mostly to help solve their problems or learn about something they are interested in. Therefore, you must create more and more content that people will, in fact, read and enjoy. Collect news and give your opinion on that particular news for people to read. In the process, you become a pro in the subject – rather, a thought leader. Doing so, you can have users repeatedly visiting your site for interesting reads.

Well, if you don’t trust the fact that people are searching for what you offer, then see it for yourself with the Google’s keyword tool. All you need to do is type in the word that relates closely to your business and the tool will tell you how many people searched for that in the previous month!

When potential buyers search, they can certainly find local businesses they like and feel they can trust (of course, if you do it right). Eventually, those businesses do get a shot at selling products and services to those prospective buyers.

Now, it is pretty obvious that even though SEO is dead, the web is alive! Content is what the web is all about and that is what Google expects you to offer. So, can we confidently say, quality content is the key to ranking your site on top?

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