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RankBrain – The New Machine Learning Technology of Google

Google RankBrain

The most popular search engine of the world, Google is also the most innovative one in terms of introducing new search algorithms at regular intervals. The latest in the line is RankBrain, the new machine learning technology introduced by the top search engine of the world. The aim of RankBrain is clear. It is focused on placing one of the best signals for identifying search queries and for giving the best search results.

Very often the best SEO tools used by webmasters do not get the desired results due to change of algorithm by Google and introduction of signals like RankBrain.

What it Aims At?

If what some of the experts on top review sites say is true then the objective of RankBrain is using artificial intelligence system in identifying machines during search. Identifying use of machine learning helps Google to identify contents that do not match word by word with the search query but brings out similar results. This can enhance the quality of search results. However use of top SEO tools such as SEOProfiler can help match the signal requirements.

Part of Overall Search Algorithm

RankBrain is not an independent ranking algorithm or software that can be subjected to independent actions in the process. Instead; it is part of the overall search algorithm used by Google and finds out the mostrelevant results searching through billions of documents. The search algorithm of Google is :Hummingbird” and RankBrain is part of it.  Hummingbird has multiple components and RankBrain is one of them.

Understanding the Difference

How is Hummingbird  and RankBrain different from each other? The basic difference as revealed from the expert’s opinion during various articles and blogs reveals that RankBrain does not handle all searches but only those relevant to it. Hummingbird on the other hand searches everything in hand as the overall search algorithm for Google. RankBrain is one of the best signals that improve the performance of overall algorithm. It functions just like Panda, Payday, and Penguin that were designed by Google to fight out spam.

3rd Most Important Signal

Google uses signals for ranking the web pages and sites. Since it used PageRank signals in 1998 Google has been using multiple signals for ranking. They have around 200 major and 10000 sub varieties of signals that are used by Google to determine the ranking of web page concerned. Though Google never specified what their first and second most important signals for page ranking are; they have categorically declared that RankBrain is their third most important signal for deciding the ranking and comes easily in the ranks of the best signals in the algorithm around. Fair guess by experts were that links and contents still are the first two most important signals for Google to award rank to the webpages. These guesses proved correct when Google during March 2016 declared contents and links to be the first two signals. Webmasters looking for optimizing their sites can use SEO PowerSuite considered as best SEO software by many as it can match the requirements of entire search algorithm as well as individual signals.

An artificial intelligence program that can search for words or phrases similar to something it does not readily recognize. It helps Google bring up different search results and tests revealed that it has over 80% success rate.


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