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Phantom Update from Google Algorithm – Newest Arrival on the Table of the Search Engine Giant

As we all know, Google is the online search engine giant that dominates the online search result market. Many websites that were unharmed by Google’s Mobilegeddon update have been surprised by a harsh blow from the search engine giant’s newest mystery algorithm pinch. This secret phantom algorithm remains under wraps but is currently on a punishing spree.

Understanding Phantom Algorithm Update:

Websites such as Hubpages and Wiki How are shocked to find considerable drop in the result rankings of Google. Many other weak or low performance websites have been knocked off the traffic numbers in the past few weeks. Ironically, Google refuses to divulge more details about their Phantom update. Experts state after thorough analysing that this new terror Phantom is no way related to the previous Google updates Panda and Penguin.

But, there is a similarity; just like Panda targeting ‘thin content sites’, Phantom update too targets similar sites. All websites dishing out thin typical-bait articles with over loaded supplement info, pages filled with videos and stuck-up link-pages that find it hard to deliver smooth navigation have suddenly found minimal visibility in the past weeks. It seems the new update is punishing all those websites and domains that contain thin content.

Expert Professional Review on Phantom:

Experts, who have analysed this update with reliable software that track all the search traffic, suggest that there is an evident pattern in the low visibility of some of the ‘how-to’ websites. All such sites that lack quality value or have thin content have seem dramatic drop in their visibility.

Google’s complicated algorithms are based on what the end-users want out of them. The mega search engine proudly stakes 2/3rd of the U.S search engine market. Google has a major responsibility of delivering quality class content sites to internet users worldwide.

While Panda and Penguin focussed on quality, relevant data, doorway pages, artificial highlights, the elusive Mobilegeddon algorithm was all for mobile user friendliness. Its updates have been synonymous in raising terror in the hearts of businessmen who have spent thousands of dollars for online advertising, trying to understand the algorithms and afraid of losing visibility in search results.

Phantom –Is it Rooting for a Positive Collective Change?

Phantom is all about critical change for the benefit of generation next search results, for tapping intelligent content and factual info disciplined to meet the high standards of Google algorithms. All these penalizing changes are way too much for most businessmen, who are hiring SEO experts and buying software that can save their online reputation.

SEO experts feel that this can be Penguin part two, supposed to be rolling in the next month or so. If rumours are true, then Penguin 2.0 is definitely a nastier, harsher and bigger version than the previous Penguin 1.0 update. So, what is this Phantom update that happened on the 8th of May, 2015? – an wild Penguin running amok or a fresh version of Panda being test run?

Well, keep guessing at Google googlies while putting on your best online behaviour.

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