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What You Need to Know about Pigeon Update


What You Need to Know about Pigeon – Google’s Latest Search Engine Update

Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm, nicknamed Pigeon, which has primarily affected small businesses in the past few days. There is not much information about why the update happened, but many business owners are worried about how it might affect their website rankings.

What does the update do?

According to Google, the update is to its core search engine algorithms, and not for local search listings. However, most of the effects of this update have been seen on local search results.

Here is what the update is known to do as of now:

  • Gives more importance to local business directories
  • Chooses directory listings over direct listings on local search
  • Focuses more on traditional search ranking signals

From what we can infer from the initial effects of this update, Google is going back to more traditional signals about the quality and relevance of websites. Also, this update has only been rolled out in the US, and will slowly be released worldwide.

Who does it affect?

Although Google says that this is an internal change, many of the small business listings, most notably real estate websites, have been most affected this is update:

  • Some local businesses have seen an increase in their traffic due to the update
  • Others have seen declining traffic
  • Companies with better ratings on web directories like Yelp have gained rankings

What is notable here is that if your business is not listed on local business listing sites, then other websites will show up before your own website. However, more businesses have actually benefited from this update, than not. How big this effect is, will only be known over the next few weeks, as the search engine metrics stabilize.

What can you do about it?

If your business website has seen a growth in traffic, you are in good luck, and you don’t need to do anything more than what you are already doing. However, if you see a downward trend, then you can do the following:

  • Increase your presence on local web directories for small businesses
  • Refine your keyword analysis for better ad targeting

Before you take any steps however, keep an eye on your incoming traffic trends over a few days, to get a better sense of how the update works. It may be that you are only seeing a temporary dip, before your search engine rankings will improve.

Being prepared

What the Google Pigeon update has done is bring advertising and marketing forms in the SEO industry back in business. Also, making yourself visible on online forums and local listings has become even more important now.

The best way to stay ahead of and benefits from Google search engine algorithms is to avoid black hat SEO techniques. By doing that, you can avoid their spam flagging, when new changes roll out. Also, yours will be one of those businesses that benefits, and sees a rise on search engine rankings. Consult a local SEO expert for more information on how to handle the Pigeon search engine update.

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