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Mobilegeddon-The New Google Algorithm; Positively Mobile Friendly

Change is an essential feature of growth; and Google believes in it whole heartedly. Google webmasters team have done it again! The recent influx of mobile users has set the mega search engine thinking on doing something constructive to build mobile friendly aspects for worldwide mobile users.

Search results on mobiles may now vary from those on other devices, according to the new ‘mobilegeddon’ algorithm update from popular search engine Google. In a recent and sensational blog-post, Google revealed that a new mobile friendly revised algorithm will soon hit the stands.

Google is posed to make the following effectual changes for mobile friendliness:

  • It will influence change on search rankings of all cell-phone devices only (No affect on tablets and desktops).
  • It will be affecting worldwide Google mobile search results and in every language.
  • It will be applicable only to some specified web pages and not the whole websites’


Google Assurance to Webmasters:

Google has reassured webmasters and SEO experts that there will be no instant impact on websites, and all the changes will reflect after a week or two. Mobiledeggon has been created as a mobile friendly URL tester application, which acts as a page-level changer. For example- if only two of your web-pages are mobile-friendly; then, only those pages will get impacted by this new algorithm.

While web owners are puzzled and confused about the mobile friendliness of their web pages, Google advices them to test each individual page using the ‘Mobile friendly testing tool’. It is advisable to allow the tool Googlebot (for smart-phone gadgets) to crawl the file pages to determine its legibility and usability on any mobile device. However, if a webpage has great worthy content and is not necessarily mobile-friendly, it could still be ranked high on search results due to superior content quality.

Avoid Hasty Re-modelling of Sites for Mobile Optimisation:

This mobile responsive update will be applicable to all kinds of mobile searches, despite the websites target viewers’ language, place or the ratio of cell phone to desktop flow of traffic.  Google heads say there is no need for panic attacks, wherein every webmaster is running to SEO experts to get their website mobile optimised. This mobile algorithm adjustment begs to differ, Google assures web owners that they won’t find their sites in penalty box even if they fail to optimise within the stipulated time period. The mobile friendliness can be developed slowly by making smart alterations and improvements in the sites.

Google, over the years has been talking about introducing great mobile experience for their mobile users. And in some way or the other; every site knows the sizeable impact of mobile devices on net users, and have been preparing for such changes. And according to technical reports, the mobile searches have already surpassed desktop searches.

The next few months will be decisive and crucial for sites over the modifications brought about by the new mobile based Google algorithm in terms of search result rankings and viewer traffic.

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