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Link Building – Advantages and Disadvantages


Link Building

If you even have the least idea about SEO activities, you will be aware of the importance of link building for a website. Links are helpful tools used for measuring your website’s popularity, and hold maximum importance for search engines as well as human visitors. Search engine spiders refer to links and their parameters for calculating your web pages’ relevance. Links are also important for PageRank algorithm of Google. But that does not mean that the more links you have spread over the Internet, the higher search engine ranking you will have. Before you build your site’s links over the Internet, let us have a look at its advantages and disadvantages. Top SEO ToolsTop Email Marketing Tools
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Advantages of Link Building

  • Link building is a strategy that maximizes your link popularity over the Internet. Link popularity refers to the total number of sites linking to your site.
  • These SEO process will also help in increasing your page rank. Low inbound links may mean reduced page ranking. So, having relevant inbound links hold too much importance here. The number of inbound links to your site is also considered by search engines to give you a ranking.
  • As you receive a higher page ranking, it becomes easier for you to receive more links in future. Webmasters give utmost importance to your page ranking, and they will definitely check it before linking to your site.
  • Link building is one of the best SEO activity that can help in increasing your search engine ranking. This means that they can effectively help your website in getting a high position in most search engine result pages. Your ranking will largely depend on your page rank and link popularity.
  • Link building will also be helpful in increasing traffic to your site. As more number of visitors will come to your site, you have more chances of turning them into potential customers.
  • As more and more websites will link to your site, you will become a popular name among your potential customers, and this will help in increasing your brand awareness.
  • This SEO process is a cost-effective method of advertising, as you get a chance to advertise your business on other sites absolutely for free.


Disadvantages of Link Building

Increasing your page rank with link building method can take several months, even years, as it needs time to get sufficient number of inbound links to your site. If you receive inbound links with low page ranking, then it can ultimately decrease your page rank. So, you need to be very careful while receiving inbound links. In addition to that, you need a webmaster to manage the process of your link building. This is a complicated process, and it requires more follow-ups that you might not be possible for busy website owners. With reciprocal links, you are directing your visitors to go to another relevant site. This can ultimately result in reduced sales from your site, especially if the other site is better than yours.

If done right, link building can prove to be one of the best SEO tools for websites. Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of link building, you can make a more informed decision now.



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