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IBP Vs Web CEO – The Battle of the SEO Software Titans

                                IBP      Vs    Web CEO


Websites can’t do without a good reliable SEO tool. Barehanded solo work is no longer feasible. It is relatively simple to buy SEO software when the market is littered with countless SEO software tools; albeit only few get the distinction of being top favourites with experts and web owners alike.

One of the best SEO software of all times, Web CEO is the most popular choice of webmasters worldwide. But, giving this software tough competition is another software giant- IBP or Internet Business Promoter. Web CEO tool caters to website promotional activities on the whole. It is a power packed application with over 12 SEO mini tools to support for total website optimisation.

IBP is a classy promotional tool. It concentrates more on acquiring top search engine rankings on the results. IBP has just one or two important link build up tools for website optimization.

Let us compare both these SEO software titans and arrive at our own conclusions:

  • Web CEO is a SEO suite suitable for small, medium and large businesses; while IBP is best adapted by small or medium business enterprises.
  • IBP keyword tool researches on most searched online keywords and information on such keywords. Whereas, Web CEO Application tool makes in-depth research on keywords and provides valuable variations on them and other suggestions.
  • Web CEO develops reliable reports on the user-website and his immediate competitor’s websites; while IBP generates reports that have more features and can be easily saved into extension formats such as .pdf or .html.
  • Web CEO is very skilful in finding link partners by following a specific pattern study and proficient in submission of URL to all the vital search engines and subsequent directories. IBP follows a less patterned study but provides neat customised report in its full version rather than free trails.

Some common ground covered by both Web CEO and IBP are as follows:

Google based keyword hints, email sent to respective clients as automated response, printable keyword data given, extensive and exhaustive keyword research, report generated saved in html format, finding similar websites’, generation of back links, exact number of websites as direct competitors, check runs on platforms like windows, choosing the best relevant search engine for the website, creating stop content or words, option of unlimited websites for checks, creating optimum strategy and report on competition from other websites, etc.

Some of the best SEO software reviews point out that buying a SEO tool depends on website owners and their preferences based on company or individual requirements. Conducting website optimization is a tedious never ending process and using an ideal SEO tool package can save quality time and also considerable money in the long run. Thus, managing a website (individual or clients’) with a SEO tool is the ultimate option.

To buy SEO software according to best SEO software reviews is an excellent idea. While both IBP and Web CEO are top SEO professional software tools, website users have to decide depending on the characteristics of their website and its basic content.

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