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All About IBP SEO Software



Internet Business Promoter (IBP) is an SEO (search engine optimization) software tool that helps websites get high rankings in search engines. IBP helps in getting high rankings on Yahoo, Google, Bing and a lot of other popular search engines. It helps generate more website traffic and thus increase the revenue of the website owner. The tool is fully compatible with Google’s new algorithm. IBP is an SEO software that provides everything you require to promote y our website successfully. It is a proven set of reliable web promotion tools that assists you with all aspects of search engine optimization and promoting your website. On the whole, IBP helps save time, find more customers and enhance sales.

How does IBP software work?

IBP is an efficient search engine optimization software tool that has an incredible success rate of more than 98%. Well, how does it work?

Step one: You choose the required keyword and the search engine

You tell this tool for which keyword you wish to get high rankings; also, choose the search engine on which you wish to be listed. For instance, the search engine can be Yahoo, Bing, Google, their local variations or any other search engine.

Step two: IBP software starts analyzing your web page

The Top 10 Optimizer of IBP will start analyzing the relevant ranking elements in your web page including the links to your site and then calculate a ranking score according to the information obtained. The higher the ranking score, more are the chances for your site to get listed on the search engine’s first result page.

Step three: The tool gives a detail perspective on what you have to change

Provided your website does not have a 100% score, the software explain you in simple English what exactly you need to do to enhance your web page including the links. The suggestions or advice will be customized to your site, the chosen search engine as well as the chosen keyword. Furthermore, IBP will explain you what you have to change and the way you have to change it.

Step four: You make the prescribed changes on your web page

This is the last step in which you make modifications to your web page based on the advice of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer to the point when there aren’t any suggestions left. So, that’s the process. There is no catch and no strings attached. Following the suggestions of IBP’s Top 10 Optimizer, your website will certainly get high rankings.

Other specifications of IBP SEO Tool

The software supports hundreds of major directories and search engines. The search engines cover a lot of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, and France. IBP is always accurate, specific and up-to-date. The tool is regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the latest changes in the search engines. The IBP software is available in two different editions: Standard and Business. IBP Standard is the ideal website promotion tool if you want to manage your own website whereas IBP Business is perfect if you want to manage sites for clients as it supports an unlimited number of projects.


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