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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Update May 2016

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Has Rolled Out

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Has Rolled Out

Google has always managed to catch the website designers and web owners unawares. With its newest mobile friendly algorithm update, it has created an outbreak of anxiety to web developers all over again.

Google has boosted the ‘effect of ranking signal’ for all mobile friendly ranking updates. This update was introduced in the month of May and is said to play a vital role for helping users find good quality, relevant and mobile responsive pages.

According to Google experts, this should encourage web pages with quality content and search-relevant materials to rank higher, even if they are not very mobile friendly. Websites with mobile responsive pages need not worry at all. Others can use the useful ‘mobile friendly testing tool’ to create mobile ready pages that adhere to Google’s ‘mobile rules’.

John Mueller, webmaster trends analyst at Google confirmed that the new algorithm is mobile friendly and only influences mobile results.

Some major features of this algorithm are as follows:

  • Mobile friendly pages could be ranked higher
  • Mobile friendly websites will not be affected by the update
  • Pages that are not mobile friendly could be ranked lower
  • Due to intent of search query being very strong signal, all superior quality content pages can still be high up in the rankings, even if they are not exactly very mobile friendly.

This mobile friendly algorithm assesses each and every webpage; it is a strong page-by-page indicator. This was the main reason as to why the update was rolled out late in the mid half of 2016. So, there is no need to stress, the update will take its own time to crawl over the page indexes and you can wait for a slow leisurely show up on the impact.

This algorithm is not mobilegeddon 2, ensures John Mueller. You may have noticed slight changes to the rankings in the first week of May, thanks to the new update. And it is not too late to be benefited by this mobile-user friendly algorithm. You just have to watch out and see how quick Google crawls your site pages and to show impact.

A web page can be eligible for getting the mobile friendly tag, if it can fulfil the following criteria (real time Googlebot).

  • Avoids using software that are uncommon on mobile devices such as Flash
  • Use of text, which can be read without need for zooming
  • Content that fits in the mobile screens, so that users do not have to scroll in horizontal fashion or zoom
  • Links to be kept at some distance, so that the correction can be done easily

Google has already started implementing this label update as a major ranking factor (for all languages) all over the world. Webmasters who haven’t updated their sites to being mobile friendly can hurry up and do so now, even though the algorithm is already introduced.

Google realises that websites need time to catch up and therefore, it has also decided to help webmasters and designers by offering ‘webmaster mobile guide’ with lots of information for web developers. You can also use the mobile friendly testing tools to check out on the mobile-friendly status of your website.

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