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Google Penguin Recoveries Rolling Out Now Over The Next Few Days

Google Penguin recovery

Google Penguin

It is good news for all those sites that were negatively hit by Penguin 3.0. algorithm. According to Google experts, Penguin 4.00 Update will start the recovery process for all the websites that were previously impacted by the Penguin 3.0 algorithm. The official news further states that these recoveries will be visible in some days, after ascertaining the fact that penalized websites have taken the corrective steps to clean their spam links.New updates are not really hot news for netizens. Every year, you see several major and minor changes in the Google search algorithm. The rolling out of major updates such as Google Penguin or Google Panda has made a terrific effect in search result rankings of websites. Search marketers have been busy digging out more information on Google update history to improve website traffic and gain traction.

More on Recovery Sites and Devaluing of Spam Links:

So, the wait is over for all those who have been patiently waiting for more than 2 years to recover from the Penguin algorithm penalty. The Penguin recoveries are on their way and the wait is finally over. The recovery is just one part of the Penguin 4.0 Update, which has started its course of action a few hours ago.

The demotion could be lifted off by Penguin:

The penalized sites cannot bounce back to their original rank position, which they enjoyed during the penalty free days. However, the punishment may be wavered off. The spammy links won’t be taken into account by Penguin, they will just be diminished. For example, all the bad links that gave you high ranking by deceiving the algorithm will be devalued and simply not counted. The recovery will be rolled out fully in a few days.

What exactly do you mean by the term ‘Penguin Demotion’?

Penguin penalty or demotion is actually the process of devaluing all spammy and unnatural links. In addition, the algorithm also conducts demotion of the site in the way of punishment. The Penguin 3.0 algorithm has demoted and pulled down numerous sites and prevented them from acquiring a high ranking position in the search results. All penalized sites have undergone little or no traction in the rankings, although some of them had obtained good links after being demoted. Thus, until and unless the demotion is lifted from such suppressed sites, they are literally stuck in the same demoted position.

Some salient points to be considered regarding Penguin Algorithm 3.0 and 4.0 Updates:

  • If you have bad links in your profile and Google distrusts your motive, then Penguin can demote you
  • The demotion is directly connected to how far Google algorithm distrusts your site link profile
  • It is too early to make an accurate judgment on the new Real Time Penguin 4.0 Update algorithm
  • Some penalized websites that were demoted by Penguin 3.0 have seen a positive jump in their rankings (after correction).
  • Few sites are vouching for the fact that their demotion period is over and they have been promoted to page 3 or page 2, according to the new Penguin 4.0 algorithm calculation
  • Penguin 4.0 will be 100% functional in a few days time
  • Google suggests that you disavow bad and unnatural links to get a clean chit from Penguin
  • It is best to track your primary keywords for superior ranking
  • All sites that have quality links are experiencing positive recovery and it could be attributed to the new Penguin algorithm.
All the same, webmasters and programming wizards caution everyone to be prepared to receive a few jolts, bumps, and bounces. Be ready to get surprised and excited by the Google Penguin action over the next few days!


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