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Google Penguin 4.0 – Release in March 2016?

The most awaited update for SEO practitioners: Google Penguin 4.0 to be released in March 2016? Well yes! Sources say that we could expect the new Penguin 4.0 update by March 2016. This sure is happy news for the entire white hat and ethical SEO folks out there but the news is likely to be sour for the black-hat practitioners. But what’s such big hush-hush about this update? Let’s find out.

The Google Penguin

Google Penguin is a Google algorithm update which was launched to limit the black- hat SEO techniques which were used to increase a website ranking artificially through numerous manipulation techniques. This algorithm also decreases the search engine rankings of such malicious websites that breach Google Webmaster’s Guidelines.

Back in 2012, Google released its first algorithm update which resulted in immense changes in SEO rankings. The sites that were not following the Webmaster’s guidelines were removed from the search results. Many such sites received even manual actions by Google.

The Google Penguin Feedback Form

After its algorithm update, Google designed its feedback form.

First form: For those who want to report regarding the malicious sites in high ranking even after the search algorithm change.

Second form: For those who think that their site was unfairly hit by the update. Google has also provided a reconsideration form through its Webmasters for such complaints.

In an announcement, Google also said that the websites Penguin penalty could be removed just by reframing their sites by following the guidelines and filing a reconsideration request to the webmasters. The algorithm decides based on the percentage of good links versus spam links. So, increasing the percentage of good links in your site will lead to recovery in the search rankings.

Penguin Updates

Google has released 6 updates to its Penguin till now and the seventh update is on its way. All these updates have made considerable changes to its algorithm rules and thereby changing the way of search results listing the rankings of websites.

Penguin 4.0

Google Penguin 4.0 is one such update which would be able to effectively filter the link schemes and also scrutinize the quality of links to websites. The main goal of this update is to display ultimate quality of websites to the users in its search page and also spamdexing.  This time it might be much more challenging for black-hat tricks for marketing as the Google claims Penguin 4.0 is a real-time update algorithm. This is in fact a great step in ethical SEO and is sure to bring smiles on white-hat professionals. Google also claims that this real-time algorithm is equipped in catching the malicious links or profiles effectively and much more quickly than the existing Penguin.

This will be a great boost to the websites who actually have good content and were pushed to lower ranks because of such black-hat marketers. Probably we could expect such good links to come up first in the search page with the Penguin 4.0 release. Till then eagerly waiting for the update!


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