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Google Now Confirms to Display More Tweets in Search Results

Twitter Search Experiment Successful: Google Now Confirms to Display More Tweets in Search Results

As a part of the new agreement between Google Inc and Twitter, the search engine giant has confirmed to begin displaying Twitter content in search results this month. It seems the much-awaited “Twitter search experiment” has started to shape up on Google Search Engine Result Page. The latter has already started showing tweets integrated in search results trending topics. With this, the question arises is this a “big” step towards integrating tweets in Google’s mobile search results? How the experts can leverage this opportunity as one of the top SEO tools to get an improved page rank?


Both the companies signed an agreement way back in February to confirm more access to trending tweets via Google’s search results on related topics. Though Google’s algorithms were already indexing Twitter long before the deal, with this new agreement, the former would have an opportunity to collect more information, experts believe. On this issue, Dick Costolo, Chief Executive Officer of the top social media website, said they are expecting this experiment to commence in May. However, the deal is still in its nascent phase.

On the other hand, Internet marketers may harness this Twitter search experiment as one of the best SEO tools to improve Google page ranking and online visibility. Websites and page content can be integrated with engaging and well-optimized tweets that would appear on Google SERPs to attract more clicks and conversions. As Twitter is fast emerging as a valuable source of information, the new partnership with Google may prove to be crucial, both for the social media website and for Internet marketers looking for innovative SEO tools.

Having tweets on Google search results isn’t something new. But this new agreement would give the search engine giant the ability to gather more valuable information than what it could regularly crawl. Though the results are showing up, at least on an experiment basis, Twitter is expecting to gain a strong foothold in the market, leveraging this new opportunity. They believe the results would gain more significance for the company in days to come, and they can even harness the potential as one of the best SEO tools to improve their page ranking on Google. The tweets are currently more available on Google’s mobile search results, with several users reporting the results on Android devices.

Although Google has confirmed the new experiment with Twitter, it is a matter to wait and watch when the former rolls it out officially. Currently, tweets are shown only for trending topics as a part of the testing phase. Once the thing rolls out fully, it will be a boon to Search Engine Optimization, experts believe. It would be one of the most innovative and top SEO tools for Internet marketers. However, it is still not evident how Google would rank websites and page content integrated with tweets as a part of SEO tools.


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