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Google Launches Ability To Track “Website Call Conversions” In AdWords


Whatever marketing strategy you are employing for your business, you need to know whether it is working at all or not. Same applies to posting ads on Google AdWords. If you have posted an AdWords ad, how do you know which customers or clients you are catering to have come after seeing that ad? After all, you need to know whether your AdWords ad is helping your business or not. Considering this, Google has recently launched a ‘website call conversions’ tool, with which you can know which phone calls came from your AdWords ad.

How the ‘website call conversions’ tool works?

You receive a code snippet from Google, which you can add to your mobile or desktop site.
Google then generates a unique forwarding number for each ad click, which the user can
view for up to 90 days. This allows you to track any future call conversions from that
particular visitor. The font, size and color of the numbers can be customized so that they
remain consistent for your site. Once the code becomes operational, the results are
displayed on conversion reports and in-call details of your site, including the number
and length of phone calls you received. At present, the tool is available only for
advertisers in UK, US, France, Australia, Spain and Germany.

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How to setup the feature in AdWords

In order to help advertisers get started with the ‘website call conversions’ feature, Google has offered step-by-step instructions as follows:

The advertisers need an active call extension to avail this feature. If they do not have one, they can set it up using the Ad Extensions tab in their AdWords account.

Then, two JavaScript snippets should be added to each page that the advertisers want to use for website call tracking. The first one can be generated by the Conversions tab under Tools, where they will have to enter name of the conversion that has to be tracked. The second one is a code snippet which replaced your phone number with Google’s forwarding number with the googleWcmGet function.

The function code can be inserted on your page with different options, so that setting up of the tool becomes easier.


Benefits of ‘website call conversions’ tool

By using this tool, advertisers will be able to understand which ads and keywords are driving most traffic and phone calls, and which ones are turning into calls of more value. As a result, they can assign different tasks and values to calls coming from varied pages of the Google add website. In addition to that, advertisers can also optimize their bids of keywords to drive more calls by Target ROAS and CPA. This strategy can play an important role in factoring signals like location and time to make adjustments in the auction time bids, so that conversion value and site call conversions can be maximized.

With the latest ‘website call conversions’ tool from Google AdWords, you will be impressed and pleased with the results you will receive. The tool is expected to provide measurable results, and your call volume is subject to increase by a huge percentage. It will be great to see how many calls you are receiving from your ads now.

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