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Google To Launch New Doorway Pages Algorithm Update


Google on a Mission to Curb Doorway Exploitation through Doorway Link-page Reprimand Algorithm

Search Engine Optimisation very often leads to manipulative or desperate tactics used by SEO experts and web owners in an attempt to gain more traffic and better ranking in Google search results. Some are downright sneaky and hardly pass through; while there are some clever ways such as ‘doorway pages’ that manage to gain in results and attract more viewers without drawing Google’s eagle eye.

But Google feels it’s time to bell the cat. Google has managed to grab headlines and throw some shockers on website owners. Their brand new ranking regulation to manage doorway link-page traffic is something to ponder on. The main reason behind this move is that the search engine giant doesn’t want to do the conventional ranking of doorway pages through their valued search results.

Doorway Pages – A Clever Marketing Strategy:

Doorway pages are mainly created to exploit or capitalise on increased search footprint by producing link-pages in both internal and external ways. Doorway pages are used to rank multiple pages simultaneously in the Google search results. So, this is one way wherein the web owner can try to exploit results without adding any rich or quality content value.

Google Approach towards Doorway Adjustment:

Time and again websites have tried smart doorway campaigns in a bid to increase their online search footprint. Therefore, to counter the growing manipulation and perk up the search result quality for net users, Google has launched a unique rank adjustment algorithm. This will affect all the mega sites, which have strong presence through doorway campaigns. The yet to launch doorway page algorithm (ranking adjustment) created by Google can be a puzzle to many.

Thus to answer these queries Google has given the following self evaluation queries that web owners can think about:

  • What is the meaning of your doorway page? Is it just a means to gain maximum optimisation results or they serve a more meaningful purpose in your website?
  • Is the content (in the doorway pages) specific and concentrated, or based on a generalised term?
  • Do the doorway pages duplicate the content of other pages in your website, just for the sake of generating more traffic?
  • Are they typical island pages? Are they navigational enough for users to move freely and away from them?

No Short Cuts to Get to the Top:

Google feels it is unethical to try and reach out to online audience through such track-ways. These doorway pages help the sites to gain entry into all prime search engines and on clicking the page it sends the viewers to an entirely different web page. All these disturbing attributes of doorway pages caused Google to launch more stringent rules so as to maintain quality of their ranking results. The major objective of this decision is to help online users get to the quality websites they want to view without being sidetracked by the doorway pages.

Therefore all web owners need to revaluate their doorway pages and make them more quality oriented in readiness to the new Google ranking adjustment process.

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