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What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google knowledge graph system plays a very big role in providing search results. It enhances the search result relevancy by providing a series of facts and figures that is related to users search term. This approach allows the internet users a rapid access to more information and convenience to investigate related topics within that search.

Goal of Google’s knowledge graph

It assists searchers to –

  • Find the exact thing/information they are looking for
  • Get the most excellent synopsis
  • Go deeper and wider to find out more about the search terms/phrase

    Significance of Google’s knowledge graph

    Google is becoming a ‘knowledge engine’ instead of its conventional ‘information engine’ model and introducing knowledge graph system is the first step towards displaying its semantic search abilities.

    You may be aware that some English words have plenty of meaning and interpreting it depends on the context they are used in the sentence. Until now Google was ignorant about the context used in phrases.  Knowledge graph and semantic search are the initial steps taken to actually understand the given word meaning and its relation with the entities.

    How knowledge graph affects Google’s web search?

    Search results that were only based on keyword match are now disappearing. Smarter models that can understand the search query meaning like humans are introduced. Google attains more flexibility and provides the capability to answer more intricate search queries successfully by predicting searchers objective and refining the search results based on initial query.

    From where does Google’s knowledge graph obtain its facts?

    Google is clever, but it has to depend on data gathered from 3rd parties to build up this knowledge pool. Information is extracted from licensed and free available sources including – Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, Google Books, weather underground, Freebase and more.

    Is Google sure about the data accuracy?

    Data accuracy is undoubtedly the most concerning problem for Google’s knowledge graph because it depends on 3rd party data. Google is aware of the fact that data provided by Knowledge graph can never be perfect. Just as it relies on humans for providing information, it depends on users to offer feedback in case they encounter incorrect information within the knowledge graph.

    What kind of data is presented by Knowledge graph?

  • Descriptions & facts are available publicly on the internet
  • Relevant images support visualizing search results
  • Related searches that can help users to investigate same subjects
  • Other information associated with search queries like upcoming events, maps and latest Google+ posts
  • Even the results can be filtered by category
  • Knowledge panel provides direct answers to queries or a relevant definition
  • Compare certain kind of information for example nutrition value of pizza and chips
  • Attain current weather information in the knowledge panel

    On what basis does Google decide what data to show?

    Deeper and wider connection between information and entity relationship there are a lot of probabilities to consider by Google before making a choice. So, on what basis does Google decide what data to show and what to ignore?

    According to Google – The information displayed in each knowledge panel is based on the popular questions asked by searchers about that subject.

    Semantic era has begun, which is obvious with the evolution of Hummingbird algorithm and Knowledge graph. All these factors blend to fulfil the aim of Google – creating an exclusive user experience platform.



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