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Google Core Search Ranking Update But Not Penguin Related

Core Search Ranking

The year 2016 has started with a core search ranking update as confirmed by Google. However, the update that was primarily believed to be Penguin-related or Panda-related, is, in reality, a core ranking algorithm update.

A Penguin update was being expected from the beginning of 2016 and the analyses from the 9th January – 10th January weekend were concentrated on this. The alterations in the Google rankings could be considered on a worldwide scale and different services that evaluate the changes in Google’s search results arrived at similar conclusions.

Google employees, via their Twitter updates, have confirmed that the noted changes were caused by a Google update to the core ranking algorithm, and not by the anticipated Penguin update.

Massive changes were observed in the 100 top websites (by SEO visibility which is an indicator for online performances). Almost 50% of the sites that now feature among the losers and winners differ from those prior to the update. This is true for desktop as well as mobile SERPs.

There were a lot of speculations whether the new 2016 Google Update was a Panda-related one on a Penguin-related one, when massive changes were being noticed. However, all speculations were put to rest when Google employees confirmed on Twitter that the changes being observed were not due to a Penguin-related or Panda-related update. They were due to a core ranking algorithm update.

Google does not usually confirm its core search ranking updates. They had confirmed their core algorithm update back in May 2015, but it is seldom seen that Google confirms these. So, this is a significant step for Google to confirm that the update the webmasters were observing was related to a core algorithm update.

Webmasters have been waiting for this delayed Penguin update that had been anticipated to be made sometime during January 2016. This delay and wait caused the huge volume of confusion as the webmasters and SEOs thought that this update of January 2016 was a Penguin-related one.

However, the signs have never indicated a Penguin update. It appeared more Panda-related or core search-related. Now it has been confirmed on record that it was a core search update (potentially also Panda-related, as Panda has now been merged into core search algorithm).

Initially, all Google had to say about this update was “core update” which kept the webmasters and SEO-s confused and guessing. There have been many core updates that Google have not confirmed over the past years. This update happens to be a rare one that has got confirmed by Google.

It was being observed as a massive update which was not likely to be a Penguin update. This was finally and quite surprisingly confirmed by Google.

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