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Google Announces Two Important Ranking Signal Changes

There is a rapid rise in number of internet users who do all their surfing and searching through their hi-tech mobile devices. Therefore it’s natural that search engine giant Google has decided to do some algorithm changes to suit the modern technical world of mobile users.

Over the years, Google has always tried to incorporate regular updates to guarantee accurate configuration of websites to suit the viewers and net users, especially those using mobile phones. Many of the users have found cellular phone friendly web-pages through Google.

Following the similar pattern; Google is proud to introduce two major changes so as to help internet users in discovering mobile-friendly material through their search engine.

1. Mobile Friendliness Of A Website Would Be A Ranking Signal

Google will alter the ranking signals according to the usage level of mobile users. This adjustment is done in favour of all cell phone users. This significant change will concern all the net users who use their mobile phones to conduct searches (applicable in every language all over the world) and undoubtedly this will hold considerable influence in their search engine results.

Moreover, mobile users are provided with searchable link helps for finding mobile-friendly websites through the guidance web page guide to mobile-friendly sites. The page also helps with the following points:

1) It guides the users to undergo mobile-friendly assessment through a provided link-page.

2) It guides the users using 3rd party software (such as ‘whatsapp’) and customize their software accordingly with the provided link-page.

3) It guides the users to visit the Mobile SEO link-page to understand their implementation process.

4) It guides to work with an able developer to make websites more mobile friendly using the provided link-page.

2. Indexed “Apps” As A Ranking Factor for Google

Google is now providing more user-friendly features for signed-in visitors who have installed Google app by using the web-based information from alphabetically listed apps as a prime factor in giving ranking. To know more about the mentioned implementation of App indexing, web masters can glance at the step-by-step guide link page, which allows them to have in-depth knowledge of the new Google feature.

Let us study some of the points mentioned in the link:

1) The technical details explain the users (with Google installed app) to follow certain steps and get better search end results.

2) Guide to add the deep-link assistance for Android or other mobile based Apps.

3) Providing the deep-links for every web page with an equivalent or matching deep-link.

4) Guide to find webmaster tool related errors (if any) and fixing them.


This useful link provides overview details and additional guidance from the scratch to enthusiastic mobile users who want to add Deep Link feature to their respective mobile software such as connecting their App, indexing API, testing the connected links, measuring the performances, frequently asked queries (FAQ), case studies and the choice to build their following on Google+. The above mentioned link step-by-step guide page also sub-divides to open several link pages giving relevant information.

Thus, these refreshing changes are posed to create more positive result-based interaction between Google and mobile net users.

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