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Google Announces AMP Will Figure in its Organic Mobile Search

Google AMP

According to Google; irrespective of the faster loading as well as enhanced performance there may not be an improvement in ranking of the site. Until now they were showing mobile search pages, but they were not showing the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) contents. Now Google is going to show them with mobile search pages. However display of such contents, there speed of loading and performance will not affect the page rank on the SERP. Of course they will now appear in the organic search results where only the news contents featured. This can also substantially change the designs of best SEO software in the market.

Importance of Page Speed

Previously Google has clarified that speed of page loading is one of the prominent signals for determination of page ranks. It was therefore assumed by many experts that despite the declaration of Google to the contrary the AMP enabled contents would turn out to be one of the factors in determination of page ranks. Many experts are even advancing to the extent of taking note of this in their SEO software review.  However the fact remains that Google still denies that the AMP enabled contents would result in better page ranks.

Reasons Explained by Google

The Pertinent question is why the AMP enabled documents won’t give better page ranks and why is it not relevant while considering best SEO software.  It would good having a look at the explanation given by Google in this regard.  They say that there are 150 million plus AMP documents they have in their indexing. Additionally, four million are added per week.  AMP method was initially the sole domain of news publishers, but later the method is being extensively used by non-publishers on the web. Many of them are commercial sites and online business sites like EBay, Reddit, Flipkart, TripAdvisor, and many others. AMP pages load under a seconds time and consumes lower amount of data. Google has also explained that where both mobile-friendly as well as AMP appear similar, they would favor AMP pages for display.

Thus AMP is Showing on Organic Results

Over 150 million AMPs ready for Google indexing come from over 650 thousand unique domains. Yet unless they had top stories included they never figured on the Google Search Engine Result Pages. In result majority of the AMP loaded pages did not find the place on the Google SERP. AMP support thus far did not figure in the SEO software review by experts as the essential feature for determining the effectiveness of the software. However now the stand of Google has changed and they are going to display AMP pages on their result pages. Even though Google does not intend to give them much importance in ranking determination but the change is their attitude is most likely to affect the SEO world.

AMPs are now going to surface as blue icons alongside the non-AMP pages. Differences can be easily recognized because AMPs can be identified through the lightning bolt icons representing them. To give the users a feel of the AMP pages and how they are going to be displayed in SERP, Google also has organized a demo. All the same Google clarifies that they do not intend to lead it to giving higher page rank.

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