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Google AMP Finds a Place in Organic Mobile Search – Update!

google-amp-updateThe Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) feature is the open source undertaking that emphasizes on the vision that the publishers can now create the content optimized and have it loaded instantly everywhere. Google has announced that AMP or “Accelerated Mobile Pages” would now appear in the organic search site.

In spite of the faster loading of pages and augmented performance, this would not contribute to the improved ranking of the site but these sites would now appear in the organic search where only news material is featured. This project of the accelerated mobile pages is for all the players of the ecosystem that is consumer platforms, publishers, and the creators.

Exclusive Features of Google AMP:

  • Google AMP is designed to enhance the experience of the mobile users. It offers only the basic features that load instantly.
  • It is designed scientifically with minimal navigation and thereby making it user-friendly.
  • It is not cluttered with unnecessary advertisements.
  • It requires very little network power.
  • The AMP enabled pages uses lesser data.

Despite the Accelerated mobile page feature, the AMP enabled contents would not give better page ranks. Earlier the AMP method was used by only the news publishers and now it has been extended to the non-publishers as well. These AMP enabled documents are being used by the various commercial sites such as Reddit, Flipkart, EBay, TripAdvisor, which are the sites for online business. AMP pages load in a matter of seconds. Compared to the mobile-friendly pages, Google would prefer the AMP pages. Though the AMP enabled documents would not affect the ranking but it would definitely affect the SEO feature.

How AMP Can Affect Business

  • Rapid Page Loading: One of the main advantages of AMP enabled web pages is that the loading time is extremely fast on the mobile devices. This is of paramount importance as mobile users get annoyed and leave the websites whose loading time is more than 3 seconds. Thus to increase online traffic and boost sales AMP enabled website pages are essential as they load faster and augment conversions.
  • Augmented Ranking in Search Engine: AMP does not contribute to the ranking factor but as it enhances the rate of page loading and is user-friendly, it indirectly contributes to page ranking. Thus an AMP enabled website would have a higher ranking than the unresponsive slower ones.
  • Enhanced Visibility for the Publishers:  The search results would vividly portray the symbols of AMP in green that would enable these pages to stand out and be easily located by the users. Moreover, these pages would have rapid loading times and thus would increase the user-friendliness. In addition to this, the Google SERPs have begun to exhibit the AMP content in larger images to attract the attention of the users.  As a result, this would certainly increase the traffic to these pages and pep up sales. Paywalls and subscriptions work with the accelerated mobile pages.
    The AMP supports the flexible framework where the publishers can monitor the viewing experience of the documents for the metered users, subscribers, and the anonymous users. Sankei, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, News Corp is some of the publishers that support AMP.
  • Promote Advertisements: AMP supports a wide range of technologies, networks, and formats. The main aim is to display advertisements that are permitting content to look attractive and arrest the attention of the online visitors. This allows the advertisers to augment their influence and enhance the ROI on the advertisements.
  • Analysis of the AMP Visitors: There is a vital need to track the behaviour of the visitors online and AMP deals with this effectively. The publishers have the option of choosing from the two tags that track data automatically. It tracks the data like the number of visitors, conversions, link and video tracking, new vs. old visitors and so on.
  • Boost in User-Experience: One of the prime advantages of the AMP enabled web pages is the enhanced online experience of the users. The consumers can detect the necessary content they are in search of at the top of the search pages. The users find that the AMP enabled web pages have the small green sparkling bolt to attract the users for a more rapid experience.
  • Increase Revenue Generation For Entrepreneurs: Statistics show that more than 40% of the consumers leave a page if it does not load in about 3 seconds. This is a huge disadvantage for the business owners who do the marketing via the mobile avenues as there are forces from outside that can retard the speed of page loading.Rapid page loading ensures that the entrepreneurs would be able to decrease the bounce rates as the visitors would stay on the web pages rather hitting the back button. If the businessman is able to hold back the online visitors to his website for a long period of time then he can make use of his advertising messages and banners that need a click to generate the revenue.

Though Google does not admit that AMP enabled documents would enhance page ranks but it would certainly affect the search engine optimization results with its commendable rate of loading page, augmented user experience, enhanced visibility for the publishers etc.

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