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Google Adds Webmaster Tools Verification For Your Google Local Listings

Jade Wang of Google recently announced that it is possible to verify your Google My Business Listings (previously known as Google Local Business Listing or Google Place Listing) automatically provided your website URL has been already part of Google Webmaster Tools’ verified sites.

What the announcement infers is that page verification for your business can be instantaneously done on Google My Business if you have previously verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools. The best part is that this verification will take place automatically if you have earlier attempted to verify a page for your business.

Ensure that you sign into Google My Business using the same account you used when you verified your site with Google Webmaster Tools if you like to try instant verification. Well, not all the businesses that have had their websites verified with Google Webmaster Tools are entitled for instant verification as not every business category is eligible. In that case, users should use other methods of verification mentioned below:

How to create & verify a Google Local Listing?

If you wish to add your local business to My Business of Google, you should have a mailing address as well as meet Google’s quality guidelines. If you want to endorse a product, brand, organization, service, event or any other entity without a mailing address, you must rather create a brand page. Local Google+ pages are created for local businesses. Local hotels, restaurants, hardware stores, dentists, repair shops, plumbers, and so on can create a local page.

How to verify your business?

To ensure that all the basic information about your business you submit is precise and perfect, Google will ask you to verify it as this process will help the search engine provide the best possible data to your potential customers on Google.

Most of the business owners verify their business by postcard. You may also use the phone to verify your local business in case you are verifying a business that is already on Google. Moreover, if you have verified your website with Webmaster Tools, you may, in fact, be eligible for instant verification.

How to verify by postcard?

Ensure your correct address is displayed on the postcard request screen. Besides, you can add an ‘Optional’ contact name so that there isn’t any problem in the postcard reaching you. Later, click ‘Send postcard’. Once you get your postcard, key in your ‘verification code’ into your dashboard.

How to verify by phone?

Ascertain that you personally answer your business phone number in order to receive your verification code. Click ‘Verify by phone.’ The code is sent to your phone through an automated message. Just enter the code you received via your phone into your dashboard.

How to verify instantly?

As mentioned earlier, you will be instantly verified if you have previously verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools. Be sure you use the same account you used to verify your website with Webmaster Tools to sign in to Google My Business. Remember that a few business categories may not be qualified for instant verification. When you have verified, you will see a banner that asks you to go through your information and offer you to make any changes if needed. When you are sure that everything is up to date, click ‘Done editing’.

Bear in mind that you will not be able to update the name of the business until the completion of the verification process.

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