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Forum Posting – Advantages and Disadvantages


Forum Posting in SEO

Forum is an online platform that allows businesses and visitors to have one-on-one interaction, and share their opinions. Forum posting is one of the best SEO activity to get your potential customers involved. But like any other SEO activities, it also comes with its own pros and cons. Below, we are going to have a look at some of the major advantages and disadvantages of forum posting, so that you can decide whether you should use this technique for your business or not. Top SEO ToolsTop Email Marketing Tools
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Advantages of forum posting

  • Search engine spiders like content, and posting on a forum with so many people commenting on it can be a good process to generate content. This is one of the top SEO activity to push your website forward. It may take a while to get your website noticed and some really great members and frequent contributors will be required, but your website can rank really high if your users continue posting away on your forum.
  • A forum becomes a reason for your clients, customers and visitors to return back to your website, especially if they are looking for advice or help on a particular subject. You definitely want your visitors to keep returning. So, forum posting can be a great way of convincing people to return, and use your forum regularly.
  • The more members you have on your forum, the more sales you will be able to make. So, by having more members returning to your forum time and again, you can immediately maximize your chances of making a decent earning from your forum. Whether you have an online service or a shopping site, if you are successful in keeping your visitors enticed, you will have more chances of selling to them again and again.


Disadvantages of forum posting

Although forum posting can be one of the best SEO process to attract your potential customers and keeping them enticed, there might be issues about moderation. Not everyone might be as well-behaved and moderated as you. Different people might have different opinions, and any clashes may result in petty arguments, naughty items, dodgy posts etc. It will be your forum, and anything posted on it will affect your reputation, even if you are not responsible for it.

Forum posting can also bring the issue of spam with it. Your forum will be open for spammers, and if it gets really big, it can have weight on search engines. As a result, your forum might get closed, or its mode of operation may be changed. Forum posting can also lead to massive security issues for your business. You will have to update your software regularly, and close down any loopholes which can allow hackers to peek in. Monitoring the forum constantly can take up a lot of time.

If you have set up a forum, it is important to have lots of posts on it too. A forum with very few posts on it can ultimately have a negative impact on your reputation. An empty forum will only repel your visitors.

Now that you have understood the advantages and disadvantages of forum posting, you are one who has to decide whether you want to use it for your company’s exposure or not. If done the right way, forum posting can prove to be one of the top SEO tools for your business.



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