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Directory Submission – Advantages and Disadvantages


Directory Submission in SEO

Your business might already be visible here and there online. But it is mp to cover directories too that most major search engines browse through. If your competitors are listed in those directories, your business might be at a disadvantage. Directory submissions play a major role in giving you a well-rounded SEO approach. Before you submit your site to directories with an aim to gain better exposure, it is important to weigh advantages and disadvantages of the strategy too. Let us have a look at its advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make a well-informed decision for your business: Top SEO ToolsTop Email Marketing Tools
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Advantages of directory submission

  • A lot of directory pages will rank your site well for the important search terms you have incorporated in your site content. In this way, you gain additional exposure over your competitors.
  • With this strategy, you will be able to gain powerful, relevant links to your site, which are highly valued by search engines.
  • Link dispersion: One of the major advantages of directory submission is that it proves to be an easy and quick way of creating link dispersion over the search engines, that too without spending too much.
  • Permanent listings: Majority of SEO experts believe that older links are very important for search engines, as they not only supplement your domain’s ranking value, but also amplify its resale price.
  • Screenshots: High quality SEO services and web directories offer automated screenshots for your site, which you can use to offer referral visits to the site.
  • Anchor text: Hire skilled and experienced SEO content writers only, who can write good search engine optimized articles for your business. This will ensure that the keywords used in the articles help the site rank top in the search engines.
  • Deep links: These links can be excessively helpful, especially when you obtain them from professional SEO service providers. Websites with deep links are expected to gain more profit than the ones that lack them.


Disadvantages of directory submissions

  • However, there are very few disadvantages associated with directory submissions, one of the major ones is that submitting in directories can be extremely tiresome and lingering at times. You can solve this issue by optimizing your website as per the SEO copywriting guidelines, and selecting appropriate directories for submissions.
  • As search engines prefer websites that have appropriate one-way inbound links, it is important to select appropriate categories for your site too while submitting it to the directories.
  • Next, it is wise to avoid bulky submissions too, as it would be difficult for you to monitor the quality of all those directories.
  • Directory submission is a long-term SEO technique, instead of being a link strategy. Hence, it is wiser to have patience. Directory submissions can be a time-consuming task, but you can take help of software programs to speed up the process.


All in all, there are more advantages of directory submissions than disadvantages. By submitting your site with proper planning and strategy, you will be able to gain quality traffic to your site within no time.



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