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Some Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing

Social media is a potent marketing tool that helps your business get noticed and also generates sales. If applied in the wrong way, it can impact negatively on your business goodwill and potential customers. If you have tried social channels for some time and failed to create positive impression then it may be because of some common mistakes.

Common mistakes to avoid probably costing social media blunders

1. Ignoring social media policy – Guidelines must be provided to employees on how to represent themselves when they are interrogating online during and after work hours. Make your staff aware of the probable issues that can occur, when one of them goes too far.

2. Never treat all social channels equal – Remember that every social site has their own tradition, language and audiences. Therefore, before using these channels learn how users communicate and share. Banner ads and content must be tailored specifically to suit each individual platform.

3. Incomplete social media profile – On social media channels, users see your bio first, so include location and URL in your bio. Reading a creative bio will let people know about your business.

4. Avoid inconsistency – To build a memorable, individual brand, it is vital to use the same name and images on all the different social sites.

5. Avoid focusing on follower’s quantity – A quick fan is not interested in your business, which is why you must focus on building dedicated lifetime fans, who will turn into your brand ambassadors (word of mouth). Having 100 highly engaged customers are more valuable for a business instead of uninterested 1000 fans.

6. Avoid over-posting and post relevant content – To get the brand message across different social media, you may make the mistake of posting more. This can lead to ‘unfollows’ and ‘unlikes’, so do a survey and find where your followers are hanging online and then post judiciously – several times in a day. Listen to what your fans find appealing and post related content that is useful.

7. Never dodge social media complaints, suggestions and questions – Customers talk about your brand online and think that you are monitoring them. If they acknowledge that you are ignoring their posts, they presume you don’t care.

8. Ignoring or deleting negative comments – Deleting or ignoring depressing comments makes matters worse because everyone has already noticed it. The best way out is to apologize to the clients, who are satisfied and your company gets the PR boosts instead of potential PR nightmare.

9. Timely response is necessary – Taking long or ignoring to respond can make people criticize your customer service. To avoid such nightmare set a strategy for how many hours you will be present on social sites to solve customer queries.

10. Posting infrequently – Effective social media marketing project takes determination and patience. Posting now and then will not attract users to your site. Posting 5 to 7 days in a week loyally is vital. If you have no time, use traditional promotional methods like PPC ads and direct mail.

11. Don’t ignore the latest trends – The latest trend to display your content is to use relevant pictures and write related brief text to get more shares, likes and engagement

12. Limit the use of hashtags – Using hashtags without any aim will confuse your fans. Moreover, it also reveals that you are not aware of your actions.



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