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9 Best SEO Tools for Effective Web Optimisation

There are a number of tools available online to make effective use of search engine optimization. One should make sure that they use it with correct analysis so your budget can be kept in check.

Some of the best tools for result oriented SEO are as follows:

1.  Search Engine Position Checker

 Search Engine Position Checker is a tool that is useful to track your optimization goals. You can know where your site features on search engine results with respect to corresponding keywords. It might take some time but with each milestone you achieve, you fancy your chance of growing more visitors.  First enter a keyword and then the domain name of your website for testing second keyword and then the range and you can check the position of your website.

2.  Keyword Density Checker

 Keyword Density Checker gives you,in terms of percentage, thenumber of times your keywords occur in the text body to the total number of words in the whole text body. It is critical for you to use keywords in order to attainperfect keyword density so that your website gets better rank in most Search Engine rankings.

3.  SERPs Checker

SERP which stands for Search Engine Results Page is the page providing list of results which is displayed by a search engine whenever anything is searched. SERPs checker is a type of keyword rank checker which checks and tracks SERP results for multiple keywords and domains.

4.  Page Ranking

 PageRank is a mechanism which Google Search uses to prioritize websites or rank them in the search engine results by rating them on the scale of 0-10. The algorithm for page ranking is not very easy. However, it is to be noted that the website having more number of quality back links is expected to gethigher Google PageRank. The particular webpage having those back links is considered as an important pageand helps getting the site better ranking in search results.

5.  Website Rankings

There are many websites across the internet which evaluate the popularity of a website by examining the number of visits or visitors it gets.  They also list this web traffic data on the website.

6.  Competitor Analysis Template

A competitor analysis template is a method to gain information regarding important and close competitors and using that information for predicting competitor behaviour to make better business strategies keeping that in mind.

7.  Adwords Keyword Tool

Adwords Keyword Tool is used for planning online search related campaigns on the basis of evaluation of specific keywords by observing their historical statistics such as the number of times it was searched in a specific period. This helps in selecting which keywords will be useful for your campaign.

8.  Keyword Tool

Keyword tool acts as an aid in search engine marketing by offering you the list of keywords that people intend to usewhile searching for a particular product or service. It provides you with a set of keywords that would prove to be handy based on their analysis of that keyword with regard to your service or product.

9.  Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is highly recommendable to choose correct set of keywords to help promote search engine rankings. Keyword spy is a helpful tool through which you can keep a track on the type of keywords that your rival sites use.

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