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Announcing with Bated Breath- Google Panda 4.2 Update Now Rolling Out

Google rolls out fresh dough from its search-oven, and sure is scalding hot! Yes, the new ‘Google Panda 4.2’ update by search engine giant Google is out, yet it is low profile and slowly rolling out. Google says the fresh update, Panda 4.2 was delayed due to technical hitches. According to Google; the latest update can take many months to come out fully and have an impact on websites. This means that while the new Panda algorithm has come in the open, websites will not see an instant change in their rankings.

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The previous Panda 4.1 algorithm was launched on September 2014 with minor fluctuations. But the new algorithm has made a surprise slow entry and caught webmasters unawares during this week-end. This can be welcomed as good news to websites, which have been previously chastised by Panda, 4.1, can attempt to set things right for themselves by making correct moves under Panda 4.2 algorithm. The slow casual roll out of Panda 4.2 algorithm signifies unrushed influences on portals and their traffic scores.

Let us study the last few Panda Updates and complexities in their (AKA) names:

• 26th Panda algorithm Update was confirmed and announced in July 2013.
• 27th Panda algorithm Update (AKA 4.0) happened in May 2014 and almost 8% of the English (language) queries were said to be affected.
• 28th Panda algorithm (AKA 4.1) happened in September 2014 and 3.5% of all kinds of queries were said to be affected.
• 30th Panda algorithm Update (AKA 4.2), announced and confirmed in late July 2015 has said to affect almost 2 to 3% queries till date.

Webmasters are baffled as to why Google is moving in such a slow fashion with this fresh Panda algorithm. According to sources, Google is all set for an infrastructural remodelling that hints at gradual and continuous changes while introducing Panda algorithms.

Webmasters and portal owners are eager to know how the roll out will affect their page traffic and rank listing. Well, it could be hit by new Panda 4.2 at different levels during the process of roll out and will have a measured page-by-page influence. It also means that the affect will not be alike for every web page in a website, some link pages may be more adversely affected than the others. Pages with positive webpage level signs might not witness a significant drop in the search rankings as those pages without any positive page levels signs.

Websites and pages hit by the newest Panda 4.2 update will have to observe and wait for next few months till the roll out is complete, for the changes to actually affect them. Google is providing lots of time to webmasters who want to improvise and make positive alterations in their websites. It is all the more clear with the current Panda update that happened nearly after a year.

Experts feel that Google wishes to combine Panda and adopt it into their main ranking algorithms for affecting continuous changes. In the meanwhile, the game plan is to wait and watch, to keep close tabs on Google organic traffic towards your website and monitor for any major swings.


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