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iBusiness Promoter is a multi-award winning website promotion software tool. IBP helps you in achieving high search engine rankings effectively. It is always up-to-date and helps you optimize your web pages for the latest search engine algorithms. Apart from providing customized tips for on-page optimization, it submits your website to major search engines automatically and monitors your website rank.

IBP also provides 1 year guarantee for top 10 ranking with money back offer… Read More >>

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iBusiness Promotor
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Features : 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) Expert Choice
Usability : 4 Stars (4 / 5)
Customer Support : 4 Stars (4 / 5)
Return on Investment : 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Overall Expert Rating : 4.25 Stars (4.25 / 5)
Customer Support
Software Updates
Optimization AdviceProvides customized tips regarding on page optimization
Ranking CheckerMonitors your website rank on multiple search engine
Search Engine SubmitterSubmits your site on major search engines automatically
Keyword density AnalysisAnalyze the density of your target keywords on your website
Keyword ResearchSuggests alternate keywords for your SEO Campaign and helps you find the best one
Number of keyword suggestedLimit on the number of keywords suggested by the toolUnlimited Keywords
Daily word searchSuggest keywords on the basis of daily keywords search on major search engines by your customers
Article SubmitterSubmits your article on major article directories automatically
Create Link pagesHelps you create multiple link pages for exchanging links
KEIHelps you find the most effective keywords by comparing keyword popularity & competition
HTML ValidatorHelps in validating HTML coding
PPC ManagerHelps you manage your PPC campaign with service providers, like Google Adwords
ROI CalculatorAllows you to quickly find out if a PPC campaign is worth your money
  • Guarantee on Top 10 rankings
    Provide guarantee for top 10 ranking. If you don't get top 10 rankings, you'll get your money back. This guarantee is valid for a full year after your purchase.
  • Unique Search Engine Submitter
    IBP has the most user friendly Search Engine Submission Tool. It has simplified the tedious submission process and made it a task that takes just a few clicks.
  • Comprehensive IBP Reports
    The IBP reports have been a favorite of SEO Consultants for a long time. It provides exhaustive analysis on many aspects. However, you need to be an internet marketing expert to actually use these reports.
  • Link Partner Identification
    IBP has an evolved mechanism for identifying & linking up with partners. It comes up with good matches and is also very user friendly.
  • Limit on Updates
    The updates for the IBP software are only free for the first year from the date that it was purchased. You need to pay for the succeeding years.
Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
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* You can do unlimited projects even in the standard edition by exporting projects & deleting them to create space for new projects. ( Sign Up to Know More )

** The customized SEO reports are one of the best features of IBP and a great asset for SEO Service Providers. However you don’t really need them if you are planning to manage about 3 to 5 sites of your own. ( Sign Up to Know More )


Use IBP SEO Tool to Get Guaranteed Rank in the Google’s Top 10



All online entrepreneurs, bloggers and website owners are constantly trying to push their websites higher in the Google search engine rankings. Since Google is a most powerful search engine, most of the SEO techniques are particularly focused on to comply with their algorithms.

When it comes to getting on the top place in Google search engine result page, you have to implement proper SEO methods by using some potent tools. Yes, making use of SEO tools is the best way to improve your search engine rankings and thus your online business.

Well, a lot of tools are out there, but IBP or iBusiness Promoter has turned out to be the most reliable SEO tool among them. The following IBP SEO review encapsulates some significant features, and pros and cons of IBP software package.

iBusiness Promoter - A Great SEO Management Tool

IBP is a powerful tool, which is vastly used for managing SEO contents on the websites. It is an award winning software tool, approved by most of online search engines. IBP is well equipped with a bundle of latest SEO tools and techniques that improve your website’s performance in a fast and reliable manner.

It offers matchless keyword research tool that helps you find out the most profitable keywords and phrases. It also keeps track of the keywords that are used by your competitors in the field.

Best features of IBP SEO tool include-
  •     1. Comprehensive Website Optimization
  •     2. Optimization Advice
  •     3. Search Engine Submitter
  •     4. Ranking Checker
  •     5. Keyword Research
  •     6. Keyword density Analysis
  •     7. Create Link pages, exchange links to get high quality incoming links
  •     8. Unlimited keyword suggestions
  •     9. PPC Manager
  •     10. HTML Validator


Top 10 Ranking Assured

IBP software comes with top 10 ranking assurance. If somehow you can’t see your website in top 10 Google results, you will get your money back right away. The top 10 ranking assurance is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Exceptional Search Engine Submitter

iBusiness Promoter comes with a most up-to-date and user friendly search engine submitter. If you are tired of the tedious online submission processes, you can make the most from this SEO tool. It is a much time saving process and you could even get your job done in just a couple of clicks.

Complete IBP Reports

IBP reports provide you with the comprehensive, in-depth analysis on numerous aspects. If you have a little knowledge of online marketing, then these IBP reports can benefit you a lot. It greatly helps you design an efficient SEO plan and boost your online revenue in the end.


Like any other software piece, IBP also has some flip sides. The main drawback of IBP is that they offer free updates only for the first year. If you want more updates, you will need to spend some money.

Bottom Line

IBP SEO software reviews give you good information about quality, performance and reliability of the software. If you want to gain incredible rank on top search engines such as Google and Yahoo, then IBP is your best choice!

iBusiness Promoter Reviews (IBP Reviews) – A Comprehensive SEO Tool for Online Businesses


In order to ensure that your SEO campaign is on a right track, you need to use a right SEO software platform. Search engine optimization is highly important to boost your business on the internet, and without proper SEO tools, you cannot achieve top levels in the field. When it comes to the best SEO software, you should think of buying iBusiness Promoter or IBP.

IBP or iBusiness Promoter is a comprehensive search engine optimization tool that comes with a bunch of helpful features. In this iBusiness promoter reviews (IBP reviews), you will get to see top of the line features of IBP and how it helps you take your business to the next levels.

iBusiness Promoter

If you’re wishing to get top ranks in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and etc, IBP is your best choice. It is a powerful piece of software that helps online business owners to plan effective and fruitful SEO campaign. With several compelling features, this tool efficiently promotes your online business and helps you convert your visitors into actual customers.

Here are the top of the line features of iBusiness promoter tool–
  •     1. Competitor Analysis
  •     2. Proficient web page optimization
  •     3. Link exchange and link management
  •     4. Keywords research and analysis
  •     5. URL or Website submission to the popular search engines
  •     6. Provides detailed report on your website’s performance, on regular basis
  •     7. Comes with 100% money back guarantee
  •     8. Free trial version is also available if you want to gauge it’s quality
  •     9. User-friendly Interface
  •     10. Fast, reliable and efficient


Exceptional Link Building Capability

IBP is an excellent link-building tool. It helps you discover active and high volume links that maximize your chances of getting high traffic. It provides you with a great platform to create and exchange links, and achieve high ranks. When you successfully customize incoming links with IBP, you can simply expect to have more and more number of visitors every day.

Keep Track of Website Traffic

iBusiness Promoter keeps track of several issues like incoming traffic to your site, impact of the keywords and so on. It also keeps track of what your competitors are doing to improvise their online status. It provides a detailed report and analysis with which you can compete with established business in the field.

Social Bookmarking

It is a unique feature of IBP platform. It offers a range of social bookmaking options wherein you can select social bookmarks category, and bookmarking websites to submit your site on different social platforms.


With its plethora of benefits, IBP also comes with a couple of drawbacks. The main flip side of this software is its technical support. Some of the users are disappointed with their maintenance and technical support service. The ‘Top 10 Rank’ guarantee is somewhat limited. IBP doesn’t work on Apple’s Mac OS X.

Bottom Line-

This iBusiness Promoter reviews (IBP reviews) would greatly help you know different powerful features, pros and cons of the software. iBusiness Promoter is an all-inclusive suite of SEO tools with which you can promote your online business. Most people have found IBP as a perfect tool to improve sites performance in an affordable way. So, if you’re thinking to improve your money-making chances online, IBP software is worth to have!
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