Privacy Policy

iExpertsForum is committed to protecting your privacy. iExpertsForum uses information collected through our analytic tools to provide your SEO and SEM services. We may, from time to time, use our contact information to inform you of changes in services, to provide you updates about the search engine industry (Internet Marketing Industry), or to inform you of special offers of value from us and our partners.

iExpertsForum will not sell, trade any of your personal information to other entities including individuals and organizations.

While using iExpertsForum services online, your privacy is protected through secure server practices as represented by the on-line industry. The secure server software encrypts all information you input before it is sent to iExpertsForum. iExpertsForum values and upholds your personal privacy rights to its highest levels. Our privacy policy is therefore adopted with a commitment to safeguarding these rights

All information gathered is used by IEXPERTSFORUM and its partners only. iExpertsForum does not share or cross reference personal information gathered through website usage with any other databases or third parties other than in two (2) exceptional cases: (1). When the site is legally compelled to do so; (2). Where disclosure is made at the request or with the written consent of the user. Therefore, unless required to do so as set forth above, we shall not respond to any inquiry from any third party unless we hold your written consent. If an inquiry is received without our having had your written consent to reply, we shall write to you requesting such consent. Our site makes no representations with respect to the creation of profiles or the use of cookies by external Web sites that have links from our site or that read and use information visible on our site.

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