Free SEO Tools


Some free SEO tools are following:

Google Webmaster Tools
Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Analytics
Plagiarism Checker
Broken Link Checker
Domain Age Checker
Domain Authority Checker
Link Popularity Checker
XML Sitemap Generator
Website Speed Checker
HTML Error Checker



Top SEO tools to help you rank higher

SEO tools are employed to improve a Website’s traffic Counts and conversions by ranking you high in the search results of the keywords.

Listed below are top SEO Tools to help you rank higher and ensure the safety and promotion of your website.

Google Analytics

Analytics are an important tool in measuring website ranking. Tracking of search queries, traffic origins, referrals, and conversions is essential for analytics expert for effecting improvements to your site.

Real-Time – The “Real-Time” report displays six tabs which deals on real-time analytics data. Real-time reports/data present a clear view about performance of the new site so that you can assess the necessary modifications to be done on the site.

Audience – The “Audience” report presents data which deals on the user matrix. You may analyze the data with the visitors’ demographic parameters.

Acquisition – The “Acquisition” report gives the origin of your traffic.

Behavior – The “Behavior” report helps you to find out top 5 most visited pages.

Conversions – The “Conversions” report focuses on your targets (for example, newsletter signups, form submissions, and sales) and how many of them have been achieved.


Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is another great free tool that gives website owners detailed reports into their website’s visibility within Google’s search engine. Following are the areas to be scrutinized carefully:

Search Appearance > HTML Improvements – This is where you can detect issues related to duplicate title tags, missing title tags, duplicate meta-descriptions, and missing meta-descriptions.

Search Traffic > Links to Your Site – This indicates you who links to your website as well as your most linked content.

Google Index > Index Status – This report enables you to find out whether your website is being indexed or not.

Crawl > Crawl Errors – Here you’ll be able to see any Google crawl errors on your website. Google also helps in generating further details about how to fix any errors that may arise.

Sitemaps – Once your website is set up, you’ll have to test and submit a sitemap to Google. Sitemaps help you communicate with Google and other search engines about the presence of your web pages ready to be crawled.

Security Issues – If you have any problems with spyware on your site, Google will notify you here.


Google Adwords Keyword Planner

At its core, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner is meant for paid search advertising displays. However, it’s arguably the best free tool available for organic keyword research. Keyword Planner would give you additional ideas for selecting a suitable keyword.



The SEO Toolbar Moz gives you access to advanced metrics and features. The MozBar provides easy to read on-page elements (for example, title tags and meta descriptions) and link data. It leads you to get some of the information about your competitors’ strategy.  The MozBar also offers a SERP (search engine results page) Overlay extension. SERP shows you Page Authority and Domain Authority for each search result in Google. Page Authority measures that page’s importance as compared to other pages on the internet.

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