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Find below the review of email marketing service offered by Benchmark Email. With a humble beginning in 2004, the company has already completed more than a decade in providing email marketing solution to its clients located globally.

Benchmark Email is among the easiest and top-performing services for creating highly effective email marketing campaigns. With a friendly user interface, drag and drop editor, responsive email designs and excellent customer support, it is a good choice with brilliant customization privileges. Benchmark has received positive reviews from small organizations with less technical know-how and low budgets to the experienced technologically-equipped marketers. There are some very minor drawbacks, but the advantages simply overtake.

Features : 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5) Expert Choice
Usability : 5 Stars (5 / 5)
Customer Support : 5 Stars (5 / 5)
Email Deliverability 5 Stars (5 / 5)
Overall Expert Rating : 4.25 Stars (4.87 / 5)
Customer Support
Adding ContactsCreating subscriber list is a child’s play as you may simply copy-paste from document or download a file (extensions Excel, text and CSV). It may also be done by importing address books from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other top email services. You may also add contacts one by one manually.
Creating Segments It is possible to create segments of contacts using criterions like zip code, signup date and many others.
Reporting and Tracking Tracking of email campaigns begins as soon as you create and send campaign. The numbers of opens and clicks are reported immediately. There are tools like graphs and summaries to evaluate the campaign’s efficacy and decide how to improve the campaigns. Multiple reports can be compared for a better insight. Integration with Google Analytics is a plus, though some would miss the in-built analytic tools.
Templates You can choose among hundreds of templates in a variety of designs for newsletters, promotional messages, events, surveys, holiday greetings, coupons and in many other categories. In addition to that, you can design custom templates easily and quickly using the visual editor tools. Simply insert your HTML and CSS codes or perform live formatting.
Campaign Creation The drag-and-drop tool creates emails quickly, though the tool may hang sometimes. Images, documents and logos as well as links and videos can be added without any hassle. Color schemes can be customized to provide your campaign the right look and feel.
Editing With options like live image editing tool, Benchmark makes campaign creation effortless. It is possible to directly navigate to the exact part of the email where you wish to perform editing.
Support and Help Benchmark offers valuable information in the form of FAQs, ‘how-to guides’ and glossaries to help marketers on different aspects. Monthly blogs, articles and newsletters are also updated to share up-to-date email marketing information. You may also reach the 24 hours (on weekdays and limited hours on Saturday) customer help desk via email, phone and live chat. It is worth mentioning that even some of the best email services don’t offer live chat support.
An exciting aspect is that you may put new feature request if you find something missing from Benchmark. If other users vote in favor of your request, Benchmark considers developing and implementing the feature.
Social media Integration You may connect to Twitter and Facebook and include social media elements in the campaigns. However, social media integration is a bit limited.
Email Plug-ins Benchmark allows your email accounts to be connected with other marketing platforms like Salesforce so that you don’t have to waste time creating email databases every time.
  • The availability of hundreds of templates is an absolute advantage for the beginners and those with no technical knowledge. At the same time, the knowledgeable marketers are free to create their own customized templates with ease.
  • Email campaigns are easy to create, send and edit and none of these jobs require technical expertise. Each procedure is self-guiding and you can understand it in the first go. Live visual email editor and drag-and-drop tools are extremely user-friendly.
  • List creation, management and segmentation allow the marketers to follow a simple approach to manage their contacts.
  • Benchmark facilitates branding with addition of logos and images. It is one of the greatest advantages of any successful email marketing campaign.
  • Powerful reporting is the noteworthy advantage of Benchmark. The marketers using the service can keep real-time track of everything from ‘which recipients forwarded the email’ to the pages of the targeted website accessed by the recipients.
  • Amazing learning resources are provided by the company to ensure that even the first-time users can obtain useful tips from the FAQ sections as well as the regularly updated blogs, articles and videos.
  • Benchmark prices cater to different budgets and this is one advantage that brings organizations of different sizes and marketers with different marketing budgets to this email service. You can start with the free trial which offers many great features and ultimately switch to the paid plans.
  • Exceptional Benchmark support is another highlight of the service. Very few email marketing services and solutions providers offer live chat support and Benchmark is one among them.
  • While testing the email service, we realized that it doesn’t have an in-built conversion tracking system. Though, the provider compensates tracking and analysis by offering integration with Google Analytics.
Customer Reviews
Average Customer Rating
4.874 Stars (4.874 / 5)
Pricing Option
Free-for-life plan is a good option to start with as it allows sending 10,000 emails per month at zero cost. Though, it allows sending emails to only those subscribers who sign-up with your account, while you may create or import your own lists in the paid plans. Discounts of up to 25% are available for nonprofit organizations (only the registered ones) only and other must buy paid plans. However, the send-based plans and contact-based plans are quite affordable.

To get started, subscribe to the free plan which allows sending emails to up to 2,000 subscribers at $0 cost. The plan includes all standard features like responsive templates, drag & drop editor, auto responders, RSS email campaigns, email delivery management, list segmenting, surveys and polls and Google Analytics.

If you wish to upgrade to the paid plans offering additional features like A/B testing, engagement email, sub-accounts and more, you may choose among the options with the following monthly plans:
In addition, there are many volume based and send based plans available with Benchmark. You may contact the service provider to know about them and choose the best one meeting your needs.

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