Google Adds Webmaster Tools Verification For Your Google Local Listings

Jade Wang of Google recently announced that it is possible to verify your Google My Business Listings (previously known as Google Local Business Listing or Google Place Listing) automatically provided your website URL has been already part of Google Webmaster Tools’ verified sites. What the announcement infers is that page verification for your business can be instantaneously done on Google My Business if you have previously verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools. The best part is that this verification will take place automatically if you have earlier attempted to verify a page for your business. Ensure that you sign […]


What You Need to Know about Pigeon Update

  What You Need to Know about Pigeon – Google’s Latest Search Engine Update Google has recently updated its search engine algorithm, nicknamed Pigeon, which has primarily affected small businesses in the past few days. There is not much information about why the update happened, but many business owners are worried about how it might affect their website rankings.   What does the update do? According to Google, the update is to its core search engine algorithms, and not for local search listings. However, most of the effects of this update have been seen on local search results.   Here […]


SEO is dead… Now What?

Well, it’s obvious that SEO is dead. So, what’s the next step to rank your sites on top?   What actually happened to SEO? As far as the SEO was concerned, there were only two factors contributing to the process of getting the top ranks: on-page factors and off-page factors. On-page factors had elements of your website and its pages. So when search engines indexed your web page, they actually understood what the page was all about. As their intention is to show the searcher the sites that are most relevant to the term they searched, these on-page factors of […]

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