What You Need to Know About Google’s Sitelinks Search Box Feature

Sitelinks Search Box Feature: Google has come with a number of nifty new features for webmasters so users can search their website more easily. Some of them were not very useful after all, but some of them are very innovative. The new Sitelinks Search Box feature adds a search box to the results when users search for a particular brand name. Site specific search This is how it works in general: • User searches for a product, company or brand name • The first result that is shown is often the official website belonging to the brand • Just below […]


Google Launches Ability To Track “Website Call Conversions” In AdWords

  Whatever marketing strategy you are employing for your business, you need to know whether it is working at all or not. Same applies to posting ads on Google AdWords. If you have posted an AdWords ad, how do you know which customers or clients you are catering to have come after seeing that ad? After all, you need to know whether your AdWords ad is helping your business or not. Considering this, Google has recently launched a ‘website call conversions’ tool, with which you can know which phone calls came from your AdWords ad.   How the ‘website call […]


Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2014

  Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List with Different IP Addresses   Social bookmarking is very effective in increasing the number of your backlinks and also visitors. Social bookmarking sites also help in increasing your site’s visibility over search engines. There are two types of social bookmarking sites, dofollow and nofollow, depending on the link provided. However both types are helpful in increasing traffic, experts deem dofollow sites to be more important and effective in getting a higher search engine ranking, as they provide dofollow backlinks to the website. Top SEO ToolsTop Email Marketing Tools Top Social Media Marketing Tools   […]


Google Adds Webmaster Tools Verification For Your Google Local Listings

Jade Wang of Google recently announced that it is possible to verify your Google My Business Listings (previously known as Google Local Business Listing or Google Place Listing) automatically provided your website URL has been already part of Google Webmaster Tools’ verified sites. What the announcement infers is that page verification for your business can be instantaneously done on Google My Business if you have previously verified your website with Google Webmaster Tools. The best part is that this verification will take place automatically if you have earlier attempted to verify a page for your business. Ensure that you sign […]

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